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You are more than likely doing a great job presenting your business to potential customers, but if you aren't online or your current website isn't living up to the expectations of your customers you could be losing business.
Macbeth Designs are here to help you more than you think. We maybe experts in marketing, but we also want to understand your business and offer business to business support throughout our time working together.

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What is eCommerce web design?

eCommerce Websites

As online shopping grows in popularity, so does the necessity for an eCommerce website. eCommerce websites are designed to let people buy and sell goods. A typical website, on the other hand, is ideal for presenting information but not for selling actual products. Because there are so many different ways to set up your website, the term eCommerce is quite flexible.

Do You Need eCommerce?

To avoid sounding like we're repeating the obvious, if you're going to sell your items online, You will need an eCommerce website. In the UK, approximately £105 billion was spent online in 2019, implying that even a slice of that wonderfully delicious pie might just be massively lucrative. If you're not selling online by 2020, you're missing out.

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