Northwest Trees & Stumps

Northwest Trees & Stumps is the North West’s leader in tree surgery and tree care services.



A complete rebuild of Northwest Trees & Stumps website as well as management of their SEO and Paid Ads

After multiple meetings with Northwest Trees & Stumps it became apparent that Google Ads was the way they wanted to push their sales. We worked with Northwest Trees & Stumps to create the perfect SEO strategy and created Google campaigns  


Understanding the challenges to create a push forward plan

Understanding the current site issues and creating a plan to approach the project correctly is vital. As with every project Macbeth Designs starts, we took a dive into Northwest Tree’s & Stumps services to find out exactly what they are offering and how we believe a potential customer will use their website.

  • Identify key blockers within the website, improve layout and UX.
  • Showcase the brand identity through a better design and include their colours throughout the site to keep brand consistency.
  • Integrate a more efficient way for customers to find the right service or product.


With our key objectives and strategy laid out, we initially focused on how the new functionality would fix the current issues.

  • Selecting the right navigation helped to form the foundation for the customer experience, for Northwest Trees & Stumps we kept the classic top menu with drop downs for ease of access for each service. This helps to reduce clicks
  • We incorporated a more inviting homepage, featuring a hero image with call to action wording, this helps to improve engagement and usability.


Creating and implementing a winning Google Advertising campaign.

Northwest Trees & Stumps believed that if they could spend enough money with Google, they would be on top of the tree services world. However, after spending multiple thousands of pounds and not enough sales to make the money worth spending, they came to Macbeth Designs to figure out how they could decrease their spending and improve the amount of enquiries coming through the website. After multiple meetings with their Director and sales team we created a great strategy. We are utilising Google Ads Search, Google Local Business and Google Maps.

Google Ads

Google Local Business

Google Maps


Transferring a concept to design, built into a high performance custom WordPress theme.

Taking our wireframe, UX & functionality strategy into the next phase of the project, we constructed the complete design of the Northwest Trees & Stumps website. Implemented the important branding elements, colour palettes and fonts throughout the website to create what would be the final design. However, our main priority is ensuring the website load fast.

So, as we build Northwest Trees & Stumps custom WordPress theme, we strip back any excess code such as JavaScript or CSS that is not needed. Resulting in improved performance, easy management and optimisation. This was an important task, having the ability for easy maintenance means we can keep on top of the websites performance.

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